Chilled packaging solution for fish industry

COOLWAYS has a long history in helping customers active in the fish industry. We are aware of the effect suboptimal temperatures and melted ice have on the quality of fish.

We offer a wide range of chilled packaging solutions to help companies active in the fish industry.

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The most frequently asked questions about our products for the fish industry
How to to use our products in the fish industry?

Gelpacks/ Ice Pack Sheets
Our gel packs and ice pack sheets are frequently used in the fish industry for the following reasons:

  • The quality of your fish is significantly impacted by melted ice. Gel packs help to ensure the quality of your fish.
  • Gel packs and ice pack sheets are permitted in aeroplanes, which allows your market to grow all over the world.
  • The gelpacks can be placed on top of the fish. Ensuring it’s properly cooled all over the fish.

Temperature loggers
More and more legislation forces fish companies to prove that their product has been controlled properly during transport. COOLWAYS has a variety of solutions which can be of help.

Absorption materials
COOLWAYS offers various absorption materials specially developed for the fishing industry. Our absorption pads can reduce the impact of melted ice on your high quality fish.

EPS boxes
We can help you with EPS boxes in various sizes and different thicknesses. The EPS boxes are used in combination with coolants, loggers and absorption materials.

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