Temperature loggers

Temperature loggers to monitor your cold chain

Do you want to improve the monitoring of your cold chain? COOLWAYS helps customers by providing temperature loggers. Increasingly detailed legislation means that more proof of a robust cold chain is required, and COOLWAYS can offer you several solutions to make sure your temperature requirements are met.
One of the most popular solutions is the Time Strip, which monitors the length of time during which a specific temperature has been exceeded. To learn more about our temperature loggers, please contact one of our COOLWAYS specialists right away.

Why COOLWAYS Temperature loggers?

Main reasons for customers to choose our loggers:

Cost effective solution

The Time Strip is a disposable, relatively low-cost solution which can monitor temperature for up to 90 days.

Easy to use

The Time Strip is a user-friendly logger. It can be attached to the object you would like to monitor, and then at the push of a button the Time Strip is activated.

Broad range of solutions

The Time Strip can be adapted to all sorts of scenarios. We can help you with solutions from -20°C to +38°C. If required, we can develop a specific product, tailored to your requirements.


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The most frequently asked questions about our loggers:
How to activate the Time Strip?

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