Fish Absorbent Pads

COOLWAYS Fish Absorbent Pad to capture liquids

Do you want to prevent melted ice from affecting your fish? Or are you sending fluids where the fluids must not be allowed to escape from the packaging material? COOLWAYS can help you. We have years of experience with fish, food and medical absorbents.
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Why COOLWAYS Fish Absorbent Pads?

Main reasons our customers choose COOLWAYS Fish Absorbent Pads:

Cost effective solution

COOLWAYS absorption materials are a disposable solution. We work with the best materials for the best possible price.


Over the years we have built up a lot of expertise around producing absorption pads. Please have our specialists help you.

Broad range of solutions

COOLWAYS can help you with all sort of absorption materials for various applications. 


Our absorbent pads are mainly used in the following industries


Product name Product Size (LxW) Capacity (ml) Pcs per box Pcs per pallet
APF0600BB Absorbent Pad Fish 600 250×220 mm 600 400 14400
APF1500BB Absorbent Pad Fish 1500 320×200 mm 1500 200 8000
APF5000BB Absorbent Pad Fish 5000 320×500 mm 5000 180 3600
APF6000BB Absorbent Pad Fish 6000 320×600 mm 6000 180 3240



Products used in combination with our absorbent materials:
gel packs on a daily basis
% customer satisfaction


The most frequently asked questions about our absorption materials:
How can the absorption pads be disposed of?

COOLWAYS absorption pads can be disposed of via the normal waste stream. If you have any further questions please let us know.

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