Segmented Gelpacks

Segmented Gelpacks, for conditioned transportation of your products

The COOLWAYS Segmented Gelpacks are designed and produced to ensure conditioned transportation of your products. This ready to use product makes handeling easy.
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Why COOLWAYS Segmented Gelpacks?

Main reasons for customers to use segmented icepacks:

Perfect fit

Segmented coolpacks are disigned to better cover your products.

Easy handling

Handling time will be reduced by using our segmented coolpacks

COOLWAYS test- and production facility

Our segmented coolpacks are manufactured in our Dutch production facility. This allows flexibility in sizes, weight and type of foil.


Our segmented icepacks are used in the following industries
Segmented Gelpacks on a daily basis
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Customize your segmented gelpacks


We can adjust the segmented icepacks to your needs. The different standard widths and the length can be determined by you.


The segmented icepacks are standard delivered in cardboard boxes. We can also deliver our segmented icepacks in crates.


Our standard foil is plain white and food approved. Do you want customized foil, please contact us.


The most frequently asked questions about our segmented gelpacks
Best way to freeze COOLWAYS Segmented Icepacks?

The quickest way to freeze Segmented Gelpacks is if they are packed in a crate. It’s important that freezing air has access to the Segmented Gelpack. Preferably the crate is not covered with foil. The fast way of freezing is to put you pallet/ crate directly in front of the blower of the freezer.

How to best dispose your COOLWAYS Segmented Gelpack?

Segmented gel packs are reusable. In case your gel pack is damaged it can be disposed of. Most environmental friendly way is to cut the unfrozen segmented gel pack so the gel can be removed. Add the gel to the normal waste stream. The foil can be added to the plastic waste stream.

Can I use segmented icepacks for food packaging?

Our segmentend gelpacks contain food approved foil and gel.

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