Ice Bricks

COOLWAYS Ice Bricks keep your products conditioned during transportation

COOLWAYS Ice Bricks are high performance coolants that ensure chilled transportation of your products. These ridged coolants are ideal for shipments including returns. COOLWAYS offers a variety of standard sizes. Depending on volume we can offer customized solutions. Care to learn more? Please contact one of our COOLWAYS specialists right away.

Why COOLWAYS Ice Bricks?

Customer choose COOLWAYS Ice Bricks for the following reasons:


For the production of the COOLWAYS Ice Bricks we have used high quality components. The COOLWAYS Ice Bricks are made to last and are reusable.

High-quality Ice Brick at competitive pricing

COOLWAYS Ice Bricks are produced meeting the industry standards for the food industry.


The COOLWAYS Ice Bricks are made of hard plastic. Therefore they are often used in a standardized chilled packaging concept with EPP boxes.

gel packs on a daily basis
% customer satisfaction


Our ridged coolants are used in the following industries

Product overview

Product Product name Weight (gram) Pcs per box Pcs per pallet Size (LxWxH) Minimum order
Ice Brick 200 gram CWIB0200 200 48 3888 80x150x20MM 1 pallet
Ice Brick 400 gram CWIB0400 400 40 1920 95x160x30MM 1 pallet
Ice Brick 750 gram CWIB0750 750 16 1200 105x200x40MM 1 pallet
Flat Brick 200 gram CWFB0200 200 48 3456 110x165x13MM 1 pallet
Flat Brick 400 gram CWFB0400 400 40 2400 140x250x13MM 1 pallet
Flat Brick 800 gram CWFB0800 800 20 960 250x320x10MM 1 pallet


The most frequently asked questions about our coolants
What is the quickest way to freeze ridged coolants?

It´s essential for the freezing air to circulate in-between the ridged coolants. We recommend you to remove the plastic wrapping material.

What is the best way to dispose of the ridged coolants?

Your ridged coolants can be re-used. Should you want to dispose of your coolants please discard it in the normal waste stream.

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