Foam Bricks

COOLWAYS Foam Bricks, high standard for validated solutions

COOLWAYS Foam Bricks are high quality coolants, mainly used in tightly fitting packaging solutions. The foam bricks are filled with “floral foam” material and maintain their shape. The product can be customized to your needs. Care to learn more about our foam based coolants? Please contact one of our COOLWAYS specialists right away.

Why COOLWAYS Foam Bricks?

Customer choose COOLWAYS foam based coolants for the following reasons:

Own production and testing facility

The COOLWAYS Foam Bricks can be produced in large numbers. Our manufacturing process is fully automated. We are able to customize the our foam based coolants, in dimensions, weight, and outer print.

High quality at competitive pricing

COOLWAYS has proven to offer its foam based coolants at attractive prices. We are seeing a continuous growth since we started manufacturing foam based coolants early 2016.


Our foam bricks are form retaining. Therefor they are ideal for usage in tightly fitting packaging solutions.

foam bricks on a daily basis
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Our foam based coolants are used in the following industries


The most frequently asked questions about our coolants
What is the quickest way to freeze foam based coolants?

Quickest way to freeze foam based coolants is if they are packed in a crate not covered with foil. It is important that freezing air has access to the foam based coolants.

What is the best way to dispose of the foam based coolants?

Best way is to cut the unfrozen foam based coolants so the foam can be removed. Add the foam to the normal waste stream. The foil can be added to the plastic waste stream.

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